IMPORTANT NOTE  Read the "system requirements" and "additional software" before downloading or attempting to use the MasterPlex Configuration software! It will save you many questions and a lot of head scratching.


Minimum Processor class = Pentium III - recommended dual core
Minimum clock speed = 750MHz - recommended 1.8GHz
Minimum RAM = 512Mb - recommended 1GB
Spare Hard Drive space = 250MB
Minimum Screen Resolution = 1024 * 768
RS232 serial port OR spare USB port with USB to serial adaptor and driver
Operating system = Windows XP or Windows Vista

Additional software = Microsoft .net Framework V3.5 - The MasterPlex software will not run without this installed!

You will receive various illogical errors that seem to make no sense whatsoever without first installing the .net Framework. On most machines it will not let you install it but on others it will install OK then cause all sorts of errors. The .net Framework can be downloaded free form the Microsoft website.


The version here will always be the latest revision.

The download file is a zip file. Extract it to its own directory. You will have 2 files plus a sub directory. In the main directory will be the setup.exe file. Simply double click this file to install the software. Ignore any reports about an "Unknown Publisher". I don't know (or care) what it means either.

REMEMBER You must install the Microsoft .net Framework V3.5 before installing this software.

MasterPlex Version (Link deactivated)

If you have an earlier version of this software installed on your machine then, depending how your operating system is set up, and how the software was originally installed, you may have to uninstall the previous version before it will allow you to install the new one.